Classic Kane

The new blog is up and running.

I’m calling it “Very Artistical” as homage to one of my first heroes: pre-“Taste of ChocolateBig Daddy Kane. As a teen, he epitomized my earliest notions of cool—pants hanging down, and his sneakers untied, and a Rasta-type Kangol tilted to the side, like Biz said. He inspired the fresh Cameo cut I once rocked (not exactly) everyday. Most significantly, his lyrics resonated with me—and not because I was (even remotely) a hardrock like him, but just because they had undeniable power. (Check out Davey D‘s post last year about why Kane’s one of the best ever.)

“To be specific, I may die one day
But my rhymes will remain like a hieroglyphic…”

Exactly. Kane’s bars on “Just Rhyming With Biz” are right up there with BDP’s “I’m Still #1” as one of hip-hop’s most articulate declarations of self-worth. Life-changing stuff for a shy, 16-year-old black boy from Roosevelt. Still is.

But “Very Artistical” the blog represents something more than puff-chest narcissism. It’ll shout out the cool and complicated stuff in pop culture that gets the juices pumping. My juices pumping.

I’ll touch on music, art, culture, and even how race is often laying in the cut, informing most of it all.

Lots to discuss and share. Ride with me as I work out the kinks. And it goes a little somethin’ like this (see around the 2:07 mark):

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