Gil Scott-Heron's "Reflections" (1981) album cover

If you missed Alec Wilkinson’s illuminating profile of Gil Scott-Heron (of “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” fame) in the New Yorker a couple weeks ago—you need to be a subscriber to read the full text—you should at least peep the touching photo slideshow that follows and listen to its running commentary from one of Scott-Heron’s former lovers, Monique de Latour. Her images and narration add insight into Scott-Heron’s struggles with drug abuse and battered self-image. Despite his gaunt appearance, dude still possesses one of music’s most expressive faces and resonant voices.

She quotes one of his lyrics:

Go away
I can’t stand to see your face
Cause you’ve seen the weakest me
And now you know I’m only human
Instead of all the things I’d like to be

His latest album, I’m New Here, is also definitely worth downloading. His deep vocals are in top form.

Choice cuts: “

” “Running,” and this ill video for “Me and the Devil.” It’s been out for several months and I initially dismissed it as being mired in NY skater-dude/badass cliché, but now I’ve turned a corner and can get into the nite-crawler ghoulishness of it all.

The photos follow:

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