DVD cover image of 1979 release

How apropos that a recent Twitter message from the homie Jeff Chang shared news that 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s will be getting a special DVD release this fall from the good folks at Five Day Weekend and Traffic Entertainment.

The 1979 film was one of the pioneering documentaries about the defining days of New York gang culture.

Savage Skulls. Savage Nomads. The Cops.

And in his remarkable book, Can’t Won’t Don’t Stop (cop that here), Chang covers some of the same history, touching on how so much of NYC black/Latino youth culture in late 60s to mid-70s was linked to the Bronx boys who ran with those crews. He refers to that far less idealistic, post-Civil Rights era as “the other side of the Sixties.”

80 Blocks (see the following clip) captures the energy and the characters of that same time like few other films.

Inspired by an 1977 Esquire story called “Savage Skulls” written by Jon Bradshaw (R.I.P.), director Gary Weis—a Saturday Night Live short film creator—convinced Lorne Michael (yes, that one) to produce the doc. Near impossible to find for 25 years, the doc is getting its props this fall (date TBA).

From the folks at Five Day Weekend:

“The much anticipated DVD release will include the feature film as well as never before seen interviews, a 40 page hardcover book featuring brand new liner notes, artwork by Julian Allen, the original “Savage Skulls” article and more.”

Cop it when it drops, but in the meantime, thank Google Video:

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