Interview 2001, photo by David LaChappelle

Ahh, Iceland. Home of huge whales. Gushing geysers. Slowly erupting volcanoes with tongue-twisting names (Eyjafjallajokul). And a vibrant music scene that’s exported Sigur Rós, Emiliana Torrini, and the incomparable Björk.

Today Björk releases “The Comet Song,” a new single and video for the Maria Lindberg-directed, 3-D animated children’s film, “Moomins and the Comet Chase.”

Since it’s been more than three years since her last solo album, the tune is a welcome comeback of sorts. She sings of holes and potholes, creature comforts (milk, cakes, warm bed), saving the world and a hurtling comet. Her voice—which NPR featured recently in its excellent “50 Greatest Voices” music series—is again at its wailing, booming, soaring best. Watch below.

Plus, the proceeds from the track go to UNICEF for Pakistan children’s charities. Now, I’m not a huge-huge fan of big-screen animation, but the stop-motion technique they’ve used in this flick is pretty amazing, like those old Christmas specials from the ’70s but about 20 times more vibrant and engaging. Peep the trailer here.

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