Looks like Dr. Laura’s Schlessinger‘s 15-minutes of shame has run its course. The radio talk show host quit her long-running “Dr. Laura Program” after public opinion came down hard on her for saying the N-word 11 times on air.

She appeared on “Larry King Live” to shed some light on her remarks and reason for leaving her post. But her explanation for stepping down actually was more about her not wanting to bite her tongue than admitting any wrongdoing on her part. Then Sarah Palin jumped to her rescue, in the name of protecting Dr. Laura’s First Amendment rights. The former Alaska governor urged Schlessinger to stand firm, saying, “Don’t retreat…reload.”

Um yeah…a Palin endorsement should force an immediate reevaluation of any sane person’s position. If not, then the following clip from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” should.

Correspondents Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver debate the use of offensive words—which may or may not make Schlessinger aka “The Hurt Talker” and folks who think like her, do an Arsenio, and go hmmm…Wishful thinking?


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The Hurt Talker
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