"Rio Breaks"; via Factory 25

To describe surfing—and other X-treme sports like skateboarding, snowboarding or BMX—as strictly some “white-boy shit” is just plain ig’nant. In fact, as the touching film Rio Breaks shows, surfing can be an organic lifestyle choice for black and brown folks anyplace there’s sand, waves and a will.

More than just your average surf doc with sick, up-close footage of big swells and gnarly wipeouts, it tells the story of buds Fabio and Naama as they balance the pressures of living in a tough Brazilian favela with their passion for riding the water.

You can watch the following trailer of Rio Breaks. Directed by Justin Mitchell, the film is also available on DVD from Factory 25.

PLUS: Big Up to folks at Stoked Mentoring and my man Brian Deka Paupaw with his BLK Ops crew and Hoods to Woods movie/movement who are helping obliterate the so-called “alt-sports colorline.”


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