"Record Collection" CD cover

I spent what seemed liked months and months of ’09 researching bike parts, scouring bike blogs, test riding bikes, selling old bikes and generally obsessing over anything that had two skinny tyres and a single speed. I was focused, maaaan. My girl can attest to that.

My interest hasn’t waned, just matured. Or has it? With the release of the following video for “The Bike Song” off Mark Ronson & the Business Intl‘s forthcoming album “Record Collection,” she might just see another wave of two-wheel fanaticism.

Kyle Falconer’s got the main vocals and Spankrock rocks a neat pompidou and few bars about bikes as a girl magnet/green alternative. Can’t forget Ronson who is about the only cat who could rock white locks like that and actually pull it off.

The clip has a lil Benny Hill and a lil Dexy Midnite Runners vibe. A teef gets his due from vigilante bikes that come to life and to the rescue. At one point, the guys get the girls. But somehow wind up rolling dolo, on their bikes…Kinda sorta how it always is…



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