Cee-Lo Green’s monster viral hit “Fuck You” may be one of the best break-up songs in recent memory, but with “I Want You” he shows that he’s equally adept at honoring a sunnier side of love too. Can’t wait for his album Lady Killer to drop on Dec. 7.

The track was originally played on British radio back in April, according to New York mag. But the good dude at We All Want Someone has blessed us with a decent sounding radio rip and download option over there too. Listen here:

Cee-Lo- I Want You (Radio Rip) by brettatettet

But if your emotions still are at that boiling point and you need to let loose with a big ol’ musical middle finger, there’s always the following supreme dis video for “Fuck You.”

My initial reaction was that Cee-Lo was doing his talent an injustice by singing seemingly sophomoric lyrics. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sometimes they are the only two words that will suffice.

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