I’ve been pretty impressed by the cover songs that have come across my desk recently. Few artists are truly adept at interpreting songs that are written solely for them, much less reinterpreting classic songs that have long been associated with greats like Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. But Robin and Coco, the Danish duo that make up Quadron, have done well to make MJ’s “Baby Be Mine” their own, and Bilal manages to give Bob’s “Is This Love” a mighty soulful overhaul.

With the rhythm slowed down to blissed-out effect and Coco’s breathy vocals, the song takes on an elegant, meditative quality, perfect for wiling away time under the late-summer autumn sun. The following video has the nostalgic touch of a 1970s home movie. (Don’t miss the cameo at the end).

Meanwhile Bilal shows his advanced interpretive skills by remaking Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” without the lilting sway of the roots reggae original but with perhaps just as much heart and sincerity.

The Sounds of VTech / bilal_isthislove_web

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