One could say that Italian graffiti writer CT‘s technique is more sublime style than wild style. Instead of the bubble letters or sharp-angled graphics we typically associate with graf lettering, CT chooses to brand himself in a way that well, looks like a brand logo. Modern, minimalist and effective.

The good people at The Coolist have featured his work, which can be seen in his hometown Torino and across Italy and Europe. Check out the following slideshow to see some of his pieces.

And read about CT in an interview he did with ekosystem, part of which (the how he got started part) is excerpted here:

During week I think about painting; on weekend I go painting. Since I was a child I always love to draw, during middle school I met a guy that was a little bit involved in tags, so I start tagging too. For a lot of years I only do thousands of classic graffiti sketch and no walls painting, when I start making it on walls I immediately get bored of that graffiti attitude, so I start  making something different.”

And they also have a gallery of CT’s work with KURZ, another Italian artist who uses geometric shapes too.


Images of Italian graf artist\'s modern street art

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