Bilal’s determined to make music on his own terms. His latest album Airtight’s Revenge is experimental soul—twitchy electronic sounds, sometimes screechy vocals, and a fair share of jazzy, meandering melodies. Challenging R&B, just like the album’s first video for Restart.

As hordes of animal mask-wearing people harangue and chase him, Bilal wonders about the possibility of a second chance at love. He sings, “Have we come too far to turn it all back around?” Good question, since looks like regret’s got him running in one really bad dream he can’t escape.

While many contemporary R&B artists go for videos set either in the boudoir or the club, Bilal has teamed with director Michael Sterling Eaton who uses a particularly gritty, verité-style shooting technique, and lots of blurry, muted colors. (Eaton has done a sinister-looking vid for Gil Scott-Heron‘s comeback single, “Me And The Devil.”) The effect is wonderfully trippy.


The Sounds of VTech / Bilal: Restart

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