James Blake has done it again. The UK-based producer—known for this year’s series of EPs (CMYK EP, Klavierwerke EP, and The Bells Sketch) built on the splicing together of post-soul beat fragments, haunting vocal snippets and plenty of rumbling bass—drops another quality release.

But this time, his own voice is front and center as he covers Feist’s “Limit to Your Love” on the set-up single to a forthcoming full-length US release that can’t come soon enough. In fact, his voice is remarkably expressive—resolute yet achy in all the right places. The following Martin de Thurah-directed video has a stark, lonely feel just like the song’s keyboard-accented track.

Granted the shadowy apartment, airborne fruit, ripped teabag and the iron that has a mind of its own may seem a bit confounding. More than likely the imagery is a metaphor for the confusion and abandonment alluded to in the lyrics. He sings: “There’s a limit to your love/ like a waterfall in slow motion…”


And even if you’ve been following Blake’s post-soul experiments, it’s always a treat to revisit another track of his chilling vocals. Listen to “Measurements” here:


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