Lykke, hot pose via URB

On Lykke Li’s latest single the Swedish coquette treads into some deliciously darker territory than the cutesy, off-kilter sounds that made her debut Youth Novels such a revelation. (And that attracted the emo rap stylings of Drake on the remix of “Little Bit.”) The new track’s tribal rhythm rumbles along under Li’s direct appeal for satisfaction:

“I’m your prostitute/ You gon’ get some…”

Uh yeah, that’s a bit of a departure from the timid come-on of “Dance, Dance, Dance” on which she sings, “my hips they lie/ cause in reality I’m shy, shy, shy.” But I’m all for evolving creatively especially when the results are as undeniable as “Get Some.” The B-side track “Paris Blue” takes a decidedly melancholic approach with Li wailing away at being no good for an unrequited love. I guess there’s two sides to every emotional coin…

The following video is just a teaser clip until the official drops. Li doesn’t appear here, but there’s some pretty cool looking graphics and a bit of that kaleidoscopic camera trick that Badu and Gnarls Barkley used once upon a time not long ago.


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