Mike Skinner aka The Streets

Yeezy, 50 Cent, and Ghostface‘s tweet game is so tight that another rapper with a Twitter feed hardly counts for news these days. But the Guardian’s Jim McMahon pointed out that Mike Skinner aka The Streets is doing something rather novel. The Brit MC is actually interacting with his followers, not just blatantly promoting his brand or Computers and Blues, his forthcoming fifth and final disc as The Streets. Skinner addresses questions or comments from specific followers by replying on his blog/website with music videos or other day-in-the-life video content instead of just spilling out his random thoughts in 140 characters or less.

In a clip like the following “Cinema Barz,” Skinner replies to three Twitter followers, creating a short song about dreams, cinema, and TV. He sounds as sharp as ever. It’s been two years since the last The Streets album, Everything is Borrowed, but his wordplay and the imagery he evokes in his storytelling is still thrilling.

And he even was quick to thank McMahon for acknowledging his place in the “technological void” in a new video posted today. Does Skinner have enough beats (and time) in the stash to respond to what may turn out to be an onslaught of tweeted queries? We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out…Just like he probably intended.

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