Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica continues to bring the heat with this new song tribute to late Gang Starr rapper Guru.

He calls it “Jazzmatazz” in reference to that jazz-based series that Guru dropped when he wasn’t rocking with DJ Premiere.

And yawl know that beat…that beat is taken from the intro of Group Home‘s 1995 album Living Proof. (Malachi the Nutcracka has to be one of hip-hop’s most over-the-top names for one its most under-skilled MCs.)

The “Promised Land” speech from MLK kicks things off, then Jay Elec drops lines like:

“My style is like a shot of Jack Daniels/ a baby grand piano/ Lightnin’ Hopkins smoking cigs strumming on a banjo…”

That is, his flow can be woozy and intoxicating (like Jack), but at the same time stately and enormous (like a baby grand) and relaxed and classic as if from a bygone era (like bluesman Hopkins). Tone Treasure sings the soulful hook. The song has a sedated feel that almost sounds as if he recorded his verses reclined on a chaise. (No matter how great and effortless he comes off, the track won’t be on his forthcoming debut CD, Act 2:Patents of Nobility (The Turn), which is supposed to be released sometime next year, according to the good folks at MTV Rap Fix.)

Still, like several voices in the blogosphere have pointed out, Jay Elec maybe should just stick to spilling his guts over tracks and not courting controversy with his recent comments about choking women during sex. He can argue it was grown man talk all he wants, and he might have gotten away with no backlash had been a comedian. But make it easy on yourself—leave the joke-telling to Tracey Morgan and stick to rhyming. Real talk.

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