I have to admit that I’m still a bit salty about Qatar’s selection as World Cup hosts in 2022. It just seemed like the US would be a shoe-in to do the honors 12 years from now. We have the stadiums, the soccer moms, the international population, and plenty of orange slices for all 32 teams.

Granted the Middle East deserves a shot to host the world’s biggest sport event. And according to the following video that shows five of the structures that are to be built there, Qatar plans to have it going on. Fully air-conditioned facilities, no carbon emissions, and loads of cutting-edge architecture. Expect amazing is right.

Peep the 360-degree screens on the last stadium so you can watch inside in comfortable say 80-degree temps or casually catch highlights of that entertaining Slovakia vs. Angola match you couldn’t cop tickets to on the screens outside. That is, if you’re ok with sweating in 120-degree June-July heat. Yeah, FIFA figured pandering to Big Oil interests was in the best interest of the sporting public. But as ESPN analyst Tommy Smyth said recently, you can’t air-condition a whole country.

Still I can only hate but so much. The proposed arenas look pretty cool. I’m saving up for tickets now. Who else is down?

Watch here:


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