Georgia Anne Muldrow is a futuristic funk mama from Los Angeles who should not be slept on. She sings and kinda raps and makes some seriously dope beats as well. She just released “fOnkRocker,” the first instrumental single from her forthcoming no-vocals, all-beats album, VWETO, which means “gravity” in Swahili, according to the good folks at Audible Treats.

Those that know me, know that I’m a huge fan and count Georgia as one of music’s truly unique voices. Gotta love that she’s so prolific too—she’s got at least seven (including VWETO) solo joints, not to mention her collaborations with hubby Declaime (listen to their latest duet “Time Traveling”), and releases under other handles Pattie Blingh and Ms. One. Can’t wait to get VWETO, which drops on Jan. 25, 2011.

In the meantime, check out her vocal skills on “Roses,” which is on her Umsindo and also, with a verse and adlibs from Mos Def, on his The Ecstatic disc. And this cool Jackson 5-esque animated video for “Runaway” from her Early album. Without getting too Iyanla out this piece, I’m really appreciating the inspirational lyrics of both tracks. “Roses” is a great tune for those times when you need an emotional pick-me-up. Like G, I need a red Stabilo pencil every now and then.

What song do yawl play when you need that confidence boost? Share in the comments section below.

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