Though this track is from Murs and 9th Wonder‘s disc Fornever, which was released in April, it’s great to see it with a proper video treatment now. Murs updates the second and third verses of Common’s 1994 original “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” with his own take on rap’s emergence on the West Coast and references to the more recent skinny jeans and bottle-poppin’ trends. 9th revamps the track with some squelchy synths and a female singer’s breathy, soulful ad-libs that float in and out of the mix: “Must be in loooove.”

Common’s rhymes still choke me up because his narrative so concise and on-point. But as far as hip-hop covers go, Murs more than does justice to the song. Watch the videos below. Which version do yawl like better and why?

Watch, then comment below.

(Via Prefix)

Common’s original

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