Whoever is the musical supervisor for Conan O’Brien’s talk show, please stand up. I like your taste in tunes. There could be a few more urban acts, but I like that you get Los Lobos on Tuesday, blues guitar icon Jimmie Vaughn on Wednesday, and Reggie Watts on Thursday (ok he’s a comedian, not a musician these days but the dude surprised folks last time he was on with some beatboxing and a big band number).

On Monday night, Beach House, the B-more duo of keyboardist/guitarist Alex Scally and vocalist/keyboardist Victoria Legrand, held down the Team Coco stage. I missed it live (still getting used to Conan being on at 11 p.m.) but caught their performance on the Team Coco website. I’m admittedly new to their sound, which is often described as “dream pop,” but it’s great. If you like Grizzly Bear or Band of Horses’ latest, then you can fucks with Beach House. The group’s third album, Teen Dream, has made several year-end top ten lists from folks whose tastes I respect, including Jason Bentley and Dan Wilcox over at KCRW. Even TIME magazine has them clocked in as its #10 Best Album of 2010, right behind Big Boi’s Sir Lucious .

Watch the following video, and if you like them as much as I have this year, take your chance to see them live in 2011. They have a few shows this February in LA, SF, DC, NY, and Illadelph. Plus they’re selling a pretty cool sweatshirt ticket-package. Who’s rolling with?

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