Merry Christmas yawl.

And a crazy, fresh Cheerio-shout out to the homie Akim Vann for setting the record straight on Christmas. Listen to her and her dad (R.I.P.) on “Santa Claus is a Black Man” by Akim & The Teddy Vann Production Company below. If it’s on the Internets, it’s got to be true. (This record has been speaking the truth since it dropped in the early ’70s though.) Santa is a black man.

Heck, the truth had been reported in a magazine (ie., the OG Internets) a whole decade earlier. (Big ups to Sonny Liston.) And not just any magazine—Esquire, a publication that at the time was the bible for white male sophisticates. This article from Our Weekly breaks down to some degree what turned out to be a huge controversy.

In 1963, the first Black Santa “sighting” made headlines with his debut appearance on the December cover of Esquire magazine. Readers were outraged when the wide nosed, Black skinned, thick-lipped heavyweight boxing champion Sonny Liston interrupted their very white and jolly Christmas with his rendition of children’s favorite holiday character on newsstands and check out lines.

Though Esquire lost approximately $750,000 in ad revenue that month (that’s a lot back then folks), ironically, the publications success would be initiated by the controversy and fire up the discussion of racial justice in America.”

Also, check out Run-DMC rocking over a vocal track in this live version of “Christmas In Hollis.”

Gotta love the part when JMJ ad-libs, “Frosty the Snowman and the whole nine…”


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