Since sampling the melody of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” for their 2009 domestic breakthrough hit, “Ecstasy” (from their jj n° 2 disc)—a woozy ode to the infamous party drug—Swedish electro-pop duo jj have shown a love for American hip-hop.

And on their new FREE mixtape, Kills, the duo (producer Joakim Benon and vocalist Elin Kastlander) look to more rap tracks for inspiration. The opening cut, “Still,” uses Dr. Dre’s “Still Dre”; “New Work” samples Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind”; on “Believe,” T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It” gets reinterpreted while a Nicki Minaj rant closes the track; “Pressure Is a Privilege” is a dope electro remix of the leaked Dr. Dre and Jay-Z track, “Under Pressure”; and bits of Kanye’s “Dark Fantasy” are transformed into a chill-out mix on “High End.”

The mixtape is downloadable at Sincerely Yours. Definitely cop it now.

The video for “Let Them” is below. First person who can spot the lyrical references gets respect in the streets. Start guessing!

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