Finally, a full-length video of “Monster” hits the Web. Yet this can’t be the final version. Can it? Heck, there’s a Getty Images watermark stamped on one of the frames.

At first glance though, it’s clear that Kanye West really went outré this time. He sits on a bed with catatonic white girls in an obstensibly post-party fallout scene (I guess that’s what it looks like after “sex with a pharoah”); Jay-Z does his verse in Rosewood/funeral-black suit and shades; Nicki Minaj battles and lap-dances on her pink wig alter-ego. Rick Ross makes an appearance too. It all feels oddly incomplete, and thoroughly dark. (And I didn’t even mention that Ye holds a female-head trophy in hand at one point.)

@ToureX called it another Kanye “strangé” moment. The good folk at the tipped that the clip is a “b-boy remix of the grisly slasher flick Hostel.” I’ll just reserve detailed comment until after the completed version drops. I wanna hear Yeezy’s staged indignation that the video was as unfairly leaked too.

In the meantime, what do you think of “Monster”?


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