Coati Mundi‘s “No More Blues” is a perfect song for the start of the new year!

No more blues (hmm, you’ve got to smile)/ no more boo-hoo, boo-hoo
(you gotta get wild)…”

Sounds like a good motto for 2011. The song comes from his new disc Dancing for the Cabana Code in the Land of Boo-Hoo which dropped in late 2010. For anyone who loved the other two bands of which he’s a founding member—Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band and Kid Creole & the Coconuts—will be bumping Land of Boo-Hoo just as much. The new disc has decidedly more dance club tracks with, for example, some house-like throbbing bass on “Bundas Bom” as opposed to the big band leanings of Dr. Buzzard. Still it’s a definite party-starter and after a 20 year hiatus, a welcome return for Mundi.

Respected scribe Carol Cooper wrote a great piece about Mundi’s ambitious pan-Latino dance sound for the Village Voice. Peep an excerpt here where Cooper drops his government name:

When Andy “Sugar Coated” Hernandez, a core member of both bands, released his first solo album in 1983 (Former 12-Year-Old Genius) under the name Coati Mundi, he immediately established himself as the unofficial leader of a very new school of alt-Latino pop, paving the way for similarly multicultural musicians like Ozomatli, Lila Downs, Santero, and Carne Cruda’s Greg Landau.

Their music, like his, is highly collaborative and hybridized. Yet Mundi’s initial pioneering blend of rap, funk, salsa, “dazz,” and Max Fleischer cartoon kinetics has yet to be equaled. Until now. By him.”

The song “No More Blues” can be (and should be) downloaded on Listen here:

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