Spoek Mathambo

Spoek Mathambo. Rapper, DJ, graphic designer, illustrator. Renaissance man.

Don’t call him the male, South African M.I.A. though. The party-for-your-right-to-fight vibe of his solo debut album, Mshini Wam, (which means “my machine gun”) is totally his own.

Call it “township techno” if you must.

It’s just more freshness from the Continent.

“Don’t Mean to Be Rude” is a raunchy bit of twitchy dance floor griminess…despite its title. Watch the video below.

But before you get to the clip, get a sense of how Mathambo thinks. The good folks at Viceland asked dude about his serious side.

Viceland: Your first solo album seems to be more engaged in South African politics than your past projects Sweat.X and Playdoe.

Was there anything in particular that made you want to get all political?

The difference between this project and other projects is that with this one it’s me, by myself. I don’t have to compromise with someone else, whereas in Sweat.X everything from the bottom to the top was a creative collaboration. It’s pretty simple. This album more than anything else is me, and the fact that it’s not completely hackneyed, ham-fisted politics, you know, like, “don’t do this,” “do that,” “this is wrong,” “this is bad,” is kind of thanks to having done Sweat.X and Playdoe first. Fact is even Public Enemy–it was a different environment, a different social space–needed the court jester of Flavor Flav. It’s a recipe that has to be put together so fucking delicately if you want to make a big social message.”

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: SPOEK MATHAMBO – Viceland Today


Spoek Mathambo – Don’t mean to be rude ft Zaki Ibrahim from leneopen on Vimeo.

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