Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes

J*Davey has been buzzing around the LA indie-ground for some time now, releasing solid material while we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for their major label debut to magically appear.

That actually might happen soon-ish as the duo (producer Brook D’Leau and singer Jack Davey) prepare to drop New Designer Drug sometime this year (?).

In the meantime, cop their latest mixtape, Evil Christian Cop, here. It’s what they’re calling the second in their series of The Great Mistapes.

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. Quicksand
3. Raincheck
4. Trans
5. Lazy Daze

And according to the group it was inspired by “the dark undercurrents that exist in the phrase, ‘To protect and serve.'”

As Brook explains, “Why should we rely on an evil stranger to protect and serve when you have the power to protect and serve yourself?” (Hmmm…That’s probably their DIY-ethos talking—the empowered feeling from releasing music on your own terms—more than any overtly political stance.)

The EP features co-production by Greg Wells (“Teen Spirit”), GB (“Lazy Daze”), and LA-based lyricist DefSound. Full of synths, alluring vocals, and distinct production, the seductive twosome lose themselves in a dreamy soundscape while leaving the song interpretations up to the listener. “We cannot provide the message, we simply provide the mental playground for the listeners’ minds to go wild upon,” Brook adds.

Sounds (semi-) deep, right? Go check them out live to really understand where they’re coming from…or watch the video for “Get Together” below.
The NeWest Tour with J*DaVeY & Blu (more dates to be announced)

Thursday, March 10th – San Francisco, CA @ 330 Ritch
Friday, March 11th – San Jose, CA @ The Pagoda
Saturday, March 12th – San Francisco, CA @ SOM **Jack Davey DJ gig**
Sunday, March 13th – West Hollywood, CA @ Key Club
Monday, March 14th – Phoenix, AZ @ Chaser’s
Tuesday, March 15th – Houston, TX @ Ground Hall
Friday, March 18th – Austin, TX @ Nuvola (Audible Treats x PrefixMag.com Showcase)
Tuesday, April 5th – New York, NY @ SOB’s
Friday, April 8th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Shadow Lounge
Saturday, April 9th – Chicago, IL @ The Shrine



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