James Blake album cover

James Blake, the Brit dubstep singer/producer (not the American tennis player), was featured on Very Artistical a few months ago.

He pleasantly surprised most everyone with his great cover of Fiest’s “Limit to Your Love.”

His self-titled album just dropped and it’s worthy of all the hype.

On the disc, Blake’s voice continues to toe that delicate line between being subtle but substantial, which is why he’s so often compared to D’Angelo. (Until I see him live, the jury’s still out on that one.)

But his sound is uniquely his own, plus he produces his own beats, making him at least a double threat.

Check out the video for “The Wilhelm Scream” below, and just ignore the Bieber-esque hair.

Somehow he makes the icy, blue-green coolness of the visuals fit perfectly with his warm vocals and the ambient soul backdrop.

Go download James Blake today, and if you’re skillful enough to score tickets to his upcoming, already sold-out March 14 show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, go check out dude live on stage.


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