Blueprint's "So Alive" cover image

Straight out of Columbus, OH, rapper/producer Blueprint drops “So Alive,” with a pretty cool video (below) and EP with several remixes. It’s the third set-up single for his upcoming new album, Adventures in Counter-Culture.

The first two songs—“Radio-Inactive” and “Keep Bouncing”—are undeniably solid slabs of earnest hip-hop. And the music marks a welcome evolution in Blueprint’s sound—some crunching guitars here, a few synths over there, and his own moving, melodic singing on the bracing “So Alive.”

The horns on the Budo remix are killer. The X:144 Remix is likable, rocking pop-dance. And if you want your clubland fix, there’s the Innerpartysystem mix. Cop the tracks or the entire EP here.

Dude has been making quality hip-hop for more than a decade—as frontman of Soul Position with RJD2, with Illogic in Greenhouse Effect, and as a solo MC (the excellent nostalgia trip, 1988 ) and producer of solid instrumental albums like 2009’s Sign Language .

Now it looks like Blueprint’s finally found a sound that may finally get him more of the above-ground attention he’s been deserving for so long. The Adventures in Counter-Culture drops April 5. Can’t wait to hear the final product.

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