Lykke Li performs on Conan tonight at 11pm ET

Sweden’s Lykke Li has released “I Know Places,” just in time for her performance on the Conan show tonight at 11PM (EST). It’s the latest video and single from her second album, Wounded Rhymes, which just came out last week to largely rave reviews.

The stripped-down track, which shows off her legitimate pipes, has a hymn-like quality and is a bit different from the bulk of the disc’s electro-dance-pop.

It’s basically some tender guitar strumming and Lykke belting out lyrics about retreating to a special place with a special someone. (Perhaps it’s to share the euphoria of love or some other substance. You call it.)

She sings: “I know places we can go babe/ I know places we can go babe/ The high won’t fade here babe/ No, the high won’t hurt here babe.”

She explains the inspiration behind “I Know Places” to the good folks at NPR. Read an excerpt here:

Why did you choose “I Know Places” as your favorite song from Wounded Rhymes?
It’s just a very simple song, but it’s like, you know, should I change it? Or should I do something wild? Sometimes it’s just right to keep it almost like a folk song or a blues song. Just go round and round — like why change when you’re in a good space?

It stands out from much of the rest of the album because it is so subtle and subdued. Do your songs generally start up that way and then build up in production?
All the songs we write on either piano or guitar originally. I wrote “I Know Places” because I had just bought an autoharp when I was in New York; it was the first song I wrote on that autoharp. I was so tired. I was in New York, and it was just so much noise. I just felt so out of place everywhere, so I wrote that song.”

Read the rest here. And check out the B&W video that follows.

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