Black Dante

Mos Def continues to show his good form on the mike since his recent solo album The Ecstatic and last year’s BlakRoc project with the Black Keys.

In this unexpected appearance on FuelTV’s The Daily Habit, Mos gives an energetic in-studio performance of his new Madlib-produced song “World Premiere.” Dude is ageless, regardless of the tailored ’50s-era blazers and ties he’s been rocking these days.

(Sartorially speaking though, he may need to think about switching out the black and white penny loafers he seems to wear for every recent public opp. Maybe some suede wingtips or something, Mos?)

Still his breathless, high-concept rap style just seems to get better and better. And his attempts at crooning mostly complement the rhyme scheme—something I wouldn’t have said a few years ago when he was in his Black Jack Johnson zone.

And you gotta appreciate that he finds ways to toss that politically conscious slick talk in there too. At one point, he says: “The revolution ain’t a TV show/ unless, of course, I’m on TV though.” Well, of course.


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