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Bjork on Billboard magazine cover

Guess who’s bizack?

After a short hiatus, has returned to share more great music, highlight killer art and spark discussion about the coolest (and at times troubling) aspects of progressive culture.

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We figured the best person for our re-inauguration would be none other than Björk. As you may have heard, the Swedish electropop icon is preparing a comeback with the release of new album Biophilia on September 27.

But of course, since we’re talking about Björk, it won’t be a typical CD. Instead the 10-track set will be released as an iPad app suite (or as a la carte song apps) that users can download and manipulate via touch-screen technology. (Watch the app’s intro video narrated by David Attenborough.)

Billboard magazine, which features her on the cover of the July 22 issue, says Biophilia “isn’t a new album as much as a new experience.” And the experience that Bjork is attempting to create is based on the album’s theme of interacting with music, nature and technology.

For those who don’t own an iPad, you can experience Biophilia at her elaborately staged live shows. Rather than performing on stage in a different city every night, she plans to take up residencies where she’ll perform two shows per week. In her downtime, she’ll conduct educational programs to teach abstract musicology to kids. A 90-minute documentary will capture the making of the project and a relaunched website-the design will mirror the experience of the apps, according to Billboard.

And oh yeah, the CD will be released via Nonesuch Records/One Little Indian.

Check out the new video for “Crystalline.” In the Michel Gondry-directed clip, Björk rocks Chaka Khan-big hair. Green and red light beams orbit around her as she sings, contained in some sort of disco ball planetary fortress. The shards of light shoot down to a cratered moonscape below, sprouting beds of icy crystals at one point. It’s all very out-there in a way we expect from both Gondry and Björk.

Gondry explained the concept to Billboard:

“We shot it frame by frame, and we shot it by recranking the camera and re-exposing the film many times,” Gondry says. “I decided for this that the shower of meteorite would hit the ground and produce a sound . . . The idea that a beam of light can have the impact to make these things move is something that intrigued me. Later on, they create some ripples-like rain. At the third verse, they create bubbles in which the metallic objects appear. All of those are the result of multiple conversations with [Björk] that were going in many directions.”

Watch “Crystalline” here:


What do you think of Björk’s new video and creative way to release her music as an iPad app suite?

Are you planning to buy the app when the album comes out in September?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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