Grime Iron Will book cover

Grime's Iron Will book cover

The good folks at VBS.TV produce some undeniably cool videos and with this three-parter in their “Tattoo Age” series, their hot streak continues.

This time the star is Grime, a San Francisco-based tattoo artiste. He’s the main attraction and top inkman at the popular Skull and Sword, and through several ringing endorsements from his needle crew, we grow to understand and appreciate Grime’s twisted genius.

Granted, his ink style may be for everyone. He tends to create elaborate, sinister-looking forms that burst with color rather than rely on single-needle Gothic lettering.

However, if you’re in the market for say, a sleeve or full-back tattoo that looks like the most sophisticated graphic novel illustrations, then head to the Bay for Grime’s original handiwork.

In the following videos, Grime provides some insight into his creative process and his borderline obsessive work ethic. Dude is consumed by his art, which is admirable and worrying at the same time.

But it’s hard to argue with his intense drive to produce such singular pieces on his own terms. His self-published books—Two Year Autopsy and Iron Will (which sell together for $200 here)—feature some pretty remarkable artwork, revealing journal entries and images of his best tattoos.

But like many creative types, Grime admits to being his own worst critic. Typical auteur paranoia perhaps. “Sometimes it’s having an expectation of seeing something that’s not fully finished yet and wanting it to look better,” he explains.

However, fellow S&S artist Henry Lewis assures that Grime is not the art-douche you might expect. “We have people come in from all over the world mainly to see Grime, cause that’s his spot,” Lewis says. “And the guy’s been consistent ever since I’ve met him. He’s always been a cool cat and always spoke his mind but he’s hasn’t been Mr. Tattoo-Ego-Tattitude Guy, so I appreciate that.”

Respected tat master CIV explains Grime a step deeper. “When Grime’s tattooing, if he starts with single-needle stuff, it’s the most evil, brutal shit and he’s kind of laughing about it  so you’re kinda thinking what’s wrong with him,” CIV adds. “He works feverishly to the point where you think there’s a gun to his head for some reason. You don’t know why he’s trying to work so fast and so crazy and kinda talking to himself. But if you know him, there’s 10,000 things going on in his head. It’s like a hornet’s nest in there, so his hands are just keeping up.”

Step into a world and watch the videos below.

WATCH Part 1:

WATCH Part 2:

WATCH Part 3:

Who’s down to get a tattoo by Grime? Let us know what you think of his work in the comments.

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