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Action Bronson: Here's the beef

Action Bronson. Heavyweight MC from Queens. Chef. Meat eater.

In the pantheon of white rappers, Bronson fits somewhere between MC Serch (given the former 3rd Bass MC’s facility with clever couplets) and Aesop Rock (since Ian also has a tendency to show emotional depth.) On the purist rap-spit continuum, he’s in a class with Big Pun and Ghostface, given his sometimes breathless, sometimes harried flow.

Lots of the time Bronsolinio rhymes for rhyming’s sake but he also knows what’s it’s like to hurt and heal. And he knows his way around the kitchen too. (According to his Twitter, you catch Bronson on Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover tonight [Monday 11/28] at 9pm ET on the Travel Channel.)

On his Dr. Lecter mixtape, which landed him much deserved critical recognition, Bronson rhymed about his weight problems (listen to “Ronnie Coleman”) and elsewhere showed he knows his duck prosciutto from his kalamata olives from his Yakitori.

The wide body and food references aren’t accidental. Dude can really cook, or so goes his bio which says he spent most of his pre-rap days in his family’s Greek restaurant.

Other rappers have shown their foodie interests from the Fat Boys to Thirstin Howl III‘s Jail Recipes to Crazy Legs’ Lunch Breaks show. Sadat X even has his own series where he taste-tests wines called True Wine Connoisseur.

Yet few have linked the culinary arts with rap skills as well as Bronson. But he’s quick to point out that the chef/rapper angle is just a lazy way for the media to tag him with a gimmick. On his new LP Well-Done produced by Statik Selektah, it sounds like he’s got another legit underground hit on his plate.

Check the video for “Not Enough Words” below and you can see his rotund charm in all its glory. As he’s made the rounds on web’s interview circuit, it’s clear that he’s rarely, if ever, at a loss for words.

Here is a roundup of a few of Bronson’s better quotables on everything from moustaches to feeling weird about calling himself a professional rapper. Read below and click on the links for more.


Tell us about the album with Statik Selektah.

It’s called Well Done. It’s 15 joints, all [Statik] production. I’d say these are my most introspective rhymes. I was laid up with a broken ankle after I slipped in the kitchen. It was a pretty shitty two months so the rhymes came out this way. On my first album I was just talking shit, so this one in comparison is more introspective. But this is the last time you’ll hear me like this. The album turned out dope, but I’m not going that route anymore. I like ignorant shit better.


The first song on the new album is titled “Respect The Mustache.” Is facial hair something you feel strongly about?

Yeah, respect the mustache, because people have problems with their facial hair these days, like they grow Fu-Manchus and funny facial hair. I’m proud of my luxurious full length beard — you’ve got to respect that. I mean, I just let it go, I don’t even sculpt it. So I coined that phrase — respect the mustache — because facial hair is a sign of being a man; respect my man-hood.

From TheBoombox:

Um. You know how people always wanna ask you about the food… The media loves…

Oh, they love that. It’s me, so I don’t have a problem with it, it’s just generic, you know?

They latched onto that one thing.

Exactly, but you know, it is what it is. I love that s—, that’s me. So, if you wanna talk about it, talk about it all day. I live it, that’s not something I’m faking or anything like that, or I’m tryna put behind me or I’m like, embarrassed that I’ve done it. F— that. That’s my profession, I could stop rap right now and go back to the kitchen. Yeah, that’s my schtick, I guess, right? I just happen to rap, man. I’m a f—in’ chef, that is my first passion, I’ll always love it. Rapping is secondary, but at this point it’s first, it’s whatever. I get embarrassed if I’m with my friend [and] someone asks me what I do, “Oh, he’s a rapper.” Like, word? Am I really? I guess I am a rapper. It’s weird to be called that, or tell someone that’s your profession. “Yeah, I rap [laughs].”

From Rolling Stone:

SECRET INGREDIENTS: Hip-hop is Action’s only hustle these days – “I haven’t cooked professionally since I started getting rap money,” he says – but he’s still known to whip up a mean entree in his free time. “My go-to dish is a buccatini pasta with olive oil and a little bit of sour diesel [marijuana] mixed into it,” he reveals. “I extract the sour into the oil, then I toss it with some broccolini and some red pepper flakes and some toasted garlic. I could eat that every day. It gets me goddamn demolished, man.”

WATCH: Action Bronson’s “Not Enough Words”

WATCH: Dinner with Action Bronson and Harry Fraud

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