Syd tha Kid in the "Cocaine" video

Syd the Kid in the "Cocaine" video

The Internet is the side project from Odd Future’s lone female member, Syd the Kyd, and Matt Martians. The duo emerged earlier this fall with the Cocaine EP, a three song set that featured the title track’s hypnotic ode to the addictive nature of teenage love. (Very Artistical favorites Little Dragon remixed the track as well. Listen below.)

That may sound like they’re treading over familiar musical territory but it’s how they tweaked the setting that’s as refreshing as it is disturbing.

In the video, Syd and her curly-haired, cotton-candy toting love interest is another girl.

Lesbian love rarely gets so openly represented by urban artists. (Shouts to Meshell Ndegeocello, Toshi Reagon, etc.) And take into account that Odd Future records have been criticized for brash use of homophobic language and you’d have to admit that Syd exists at an interesting crossroads—the lone lesbian in a crew of dudes, but not just dudes, dudes whose music openly toys with anti-gay sentiment as lazy, teenage in-joke at best or borderline hate speech, at worst.

But it seems the Internet—for all of Syd’s sweet, breathy vocals and Martians’ skeletal electro-soul beats—fits comfortably amid the collective OF music-with-shock-value ethos.

In the video featured below, after Syd and homegirl exchange shy, affectionate looks and tease with almost-kisses, the pair take to the shadows to snort lines of cocaine. (The horror…) But when the girl can’t handle her blow, Syd kicks her out the jeep’s front seat and drives off, leaving old girl nearly face down in the dirt. It’s something Tyler, the Creator, would probably high-five, but it’s imagery that’s jarring in the context of modern-day R&B.

Syd explained on her Tumblr that the clip actually has an anti-drug message:  “If you insist on giving in to temptation,” she wrote, “understand that it only takes one taste of certain substances to get hooked and lead to you wasting the rest of your life chasing a high you’ll never reach again. You are human, so never think it could never happen to you. Saying no is WAY worth it.”

The Internet is set to follow-up that effort with a new album titled Purple Naked Ladies on December 20. You can visit the website——to listen to three tracks (“They Say”/”Shangrila,” “Cocaine/Tevie,” and “Love Song” which are songs that made up the Cocaine EP), watch the “Cocaine” video featuring Left Brain, and an album trailer video that’s also featured below. There’s also a Merch tab that has a “Coming Soon” banner on it.

Above all, the Internet’s magnetic, shuffling soulful sound (in the vein of Quadron and Georgia Anne Muldrow) has at least enough to keep the web buzzing and fans realizing that Frank Ocean isn’t the only OF member who’s pushing R&B in new directions.

WATCH: Purple Naked Ladies album trailer


LISTEN: “Cocaine” remix by Little Dragon

THE INTERNET – Cocaine (Little Dragon Remix) by Pretty Much Amazing


WATCH: “Cocaine” video feat. Left Brain


Is R&B progressive enough for lesbian video love? Are you excited to hear the Internet’s Purple Naked Ladies album? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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