@MeechIsDEAD & @ZombieJuicee of Flatbush Zombies

@MeechIsDEAD & @ZombieJuicee of Flatbush Zombies

In the video for “Thug Waffle,” it’s pretty clear where Flatbush Zombies take some of their visual cues. The Dracula-style gold teeth are straight out of the RZA/Wu-Tang/Gravediggaz lookbook.

And partly because @MeechIsDead and @ZombieJuicee are from Brooklyn, they also seem naturally steeped in the similarly hedonistic doobie-smokin’ ethos of ’90s-era BK hip-hop from you name it—like any group from Duck Down (Black Moon, Cocoa Brovas, Heltah Skeltah), Das EFX, even Biggie.

But the NY comparisons largely end there. Like other NY rappers of late such as A$AP Rocky, the Zombies eschew a so-called “NY sound” for a rap style that seems entirely more current and increasingly “regionless.”

The result—the grimy look and feel of their video “Thug Waffle”—is well-executed boundary-blurring hip-hop. (That is, if you assume that weed is already part of rap’s universal, if not clichéd, reference points.)

It’s hard to tell whether this video is the beginning of something big or not. (Lana Del Rey co-signs them so we’re not sure if that’ll help or hurt them yet.) Flatbush Zombies don’t seem to have the same online ubiquity that Odd Future had before the mainstream press started to pay attention to their calculated rebellion.

But most times when Brooklyn comes with something bugged-out, Very Artistical gets behind it.

WATCH: “Thug Waffle”

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