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Gangsta Grill: Syd the Kyd of The Internet

Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians, the Odd Future affiliates known as The Internet, follow-up their “Cocaine” video with its prequel in the new startingly violent video for “Fastlane.”

Inspired by Natural Born Killers, lesbian serial killers Syd and actress Jasmine Flemings take to the open road with guns blazing and money on their minds. They carjack an SUV driver, put a bullet in him and leave him for dead on the roadside.

The moment is so unexpected and unnerving mostly because guns in music videos have been poo-poo’d for years now. But Syd could care less about BET or MTV‘s standards board. She’s popping fools for fun whether at diners, gas stations or on a desert highway.

The cash is reward enough for getting splattered with a little bit of incriminating blood.

When the cops seem to have caught up with the duo during a diner heist, Syd and her GF change clothes with a hostage, exchange a farewell kiss and split ways.

Then Syd reappears, presumably entering the same county fair where the “Cocaine” video takes place.

Syd’s star, or at least her opinions, have been the buzz lately. She covered LAWeekly, sharing her feelings about other artists like Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott being closeted lesbians. Or gay, as she explains that she hates the word “lesbian.”

But no matter which way she swings sexually, Syd’s got Odd Future’s talent for the courting controversy. Let’s see if her talent takes her beyond mere Internet buzz.

WATCH: “Fastlane”

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