Midnight in Paris: Kanye West and Jay-Z

Midnight in Paris: Kanye West and Jay-Z

It’s taken a surprisingly long time for Jay-Z and Kanye West to release a music video of their monster hit “Niggas In Paris.”

By now, the song from the duo’s Watch The Throne is almost about as overplayed as a rap song can get.

Still, it manages to be one of those hip-hop tunes that has amazing staying power. (It’s like a modern-day “It Takes Two” in terms of its sheer ubiquity and potential for classic rap/pop tune status.)

Plus since Hov and Yeezy performed it back to back to back to back during recent tour dates, it’s pretty clear that few fans are actually getting tired of it nor its oft-repeated catch phrase (ie., “That shit cray…”).

The video is one trippy, kaleidoscopic ride though.

Right off the bat, viewers are warned that it may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Then Hov and Ye, recorded at a Los Angeles concert date, exchange shouts:

“Y’all ready to leave? Well, ‘Ye not ready to leave!” Jay shouts.

“And Jay not ready to leave!” Kanye crows in response.

“So only one thing left to do! Again! Let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go!”

The rest is a frenetic collection of ill visuals—Jay and Kanye commanding the stage while there’s a crazy mix of shooting laser lights, Rohrshach patterns, a roaring lion, and fans loosing their minds.

Fun and unexpected but was it worth the wait? Not quite.

Does it add much to a song that’s nearing its “jump-the-shark” brink? Actually, the clip may be proof that the song has in fact “jumped-the-shark.”

Check it out for yourself!

If it makes you yawn or have a fit (God forbid), watch what a few Paris graf writers did in the video further down.

Perhaps they were tired of waiting for an official video from the rap moguls. They took a few cameras and lots of spray cans and bombed Paris in this black-and-white clip that looks slick and as energetic as the high concept/high cost video from rap’s throne huggers.

The hoodied vandals in the other video are truly going guerrillas…tagging up Paris.

Which video you like better?

Let us know in the comments section below.



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