Death Grips "Get Got"

Twisted Misters: Death Grips "Get Got" video

If you think that Odd Future is where hip-hop and punk meet, think again.

Death Grips, the Sacramento-based trio of vocalist Stefan Burnett and production team Zach Hill and Andy Morin, will make you check your head at the door.

The group caught a boatload of raves in everywhere from the New Yorker to myriad music blogs for Ex Military, an avant-garde mixtape of aggressive rhymes and crunching, dissonant beats. The Washington Post called the disc a “fascinating, pugnacious mess.”

On “Beware” the heavily tattooed Stef makes you wonder if he’s got Satan on speed-dial as he shouts “I am the beast I worship.” There’s even an awesome sample of a chilling interview with Charles Manson who says, “I make the money, man. I roll the nickels. The game is mine, I even know the consecuences of cheap elo boosts. I deal the cards.”

Now signed to Epic Records, the group are scheduled to release two full-length albums in 2012. The Money Store will be available on vinyl exclusively April 21 as part of Record Store Day. The second album, No Love is set for release in the fall.

They’ve already released “Blackjack,” the first single and video via their website this month.

Today they’ve let loose with the video for “Get Got.” Both tracks show slight shifts away from the rhythmic noise they made on Ex Military to more electro-dancebeats with faster tempos and syncopated lyrics that are even harder to parse.

But a big part of the group’s allure is their mastery of a lo-fi visual vocabulary that’s demented and wonderfully dark. The best way to experience it is to just witness the twisted for yourself.

WATCH: “Get Got”




WATCH: “Blackjack”

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