Yasiin Bey's "N*ggas In Poorest" Video, Lyrics

This Is The Remix: Yasiin Bey's "N*ggas In Poorest"

Yasiin Bey—the rapper formerly known as Mos Def—has released a video for “N*ggas In Poorest,” his revamped version of Jay-Z and Kanye West’sNiggas In Paris” single from their Watch the Throne CD.

As part of his forthcoming Top 40 Underdogs project, Bey’s planning to remake other ubquitious rap tunes with lyrics more in line with his own sensibilities.

The concept is nothing new, as Bey explained to Hypebeast. For example, 50 Cent gained major buzz for rhyming his gangta tales over jacked beats.

And, more akin to Bey’s politically-charged lyrical remixes, dead prez employed a similar concept on several songs from their Turn Off the Radio mixtape series.

Speaking with Hypebeast last month, Bey explained his main reason (ie., “for the culture”) for what he hopes will be a series of upcoming revamps and remakes.

“The tradition, taking someone’s song and making your version out of it, is not new to Hip Hop. It is similar to Dancehall music, where there is one rhythm and many artists offer their interpretation of it. Covering songs is certainly in the DNA of the culture. 50 Cent, as a matter of fact, built his name in New York for awhile doing just that. I also like the community mind aspect of it that it belongs to all of us. It basically gives and extends the life of our culture, our rhythm. Thus, this series is something that comes quite natural for me to do. I’ve done it before. Just look at ‘Children’s Story,’ or even my version of Jay-Z’s ‘Takeover’ in 2004. It is something that is really fun to do, you know, giving different perspectives on a familiar piece. There are a lot of songs on Top 40 Radio, not just in current day charts, that I have been a fan of and obviously my content is a lot different from what people would hear on Top 40 Radio to say the least. That being said, I am a fan of music and I seek for just another opportunity to express myself and give my point of view on certain things.”

Check out the lyrics and video below.



Follow along with lyrics supplied by Rap Genius:


Live from America

Yasiin, Yasiin, Yasiin

N.I.P, sing it

[Verse 1]

Poor so hard, my clean clothes look grimy, pretty women don’t mind me

So what’s fifty grand to a young nigga like me? More than my annual salary

Poor so hard, this shit crazy, walk outside the whole world hate me

Nervous stares hit the third affairs, surveillance cameras, police tracing

Poor so hard, this shit weird, we be home and still be scared

There’s grief here, there’s peace here, easy and hard to be here

Psycho, liable to turn Michael, take your pick, Myers, Myers, Myers, same shit

Poor so hard, got holey socks, dope block on my stove top

Jumbotrons for astronauts, high in orbit off planet rock, say

Poor so hard, this chopper too, we starving Marvin, you hot food

There’s birds of prey, no escape, open-air prison, local zoo

Poor so hard, who getting faded? Little Maurice in the sixth grade

No mama, no father, role model the dope game, say

Poor so hard, bitch behave, standing behind the deuce-deuce-trey

Ice-cold, heat blow, closed casket, cold case


Poor so hard, that shit cray

[Verse 2]

These young bloods is looking scary at the mall

They wearing pants, you can still see they drawers

They rob a nigga in the bathroom stall

They took his life cause he ain’t want to take it off

Poor so hard, that shit cray, ain’t it, Bey? Diabetics, fish filet

Poor so hard, your house so cold, nigga, it ain’t spring

Every winter landlord fuckin’ with my heat again

Bougie girl, grab your hand, show you how to do this ghetto dance

Fuck your French, we ain’t in France, I’m just saying

Prince Williams ain’t do it right, if you ask me

If I was him, I’d put some black up in my family

Fake Gucci, my nigga, fake Louis, my killa

Real drugs, my dealer, who the fuck is Margiela?

Doctors say I’m the illest, I ain’t got no insurance

It’s them niggas in poorest, be them rebel guerillas, huh

[Interlude: Malcolm X]

I don’t worry, I tell you

I am a man who believed that I died 20 years ago

And I live like a man who is dead already

I have no fear whatsoever of anybody or anything


[Verse 3]

To the kings and queens and everyone in every place, yo

Don’t get caught up in no throne, don’t get caught up in no throne

Don’t get caught up in no throne

Towers of Babylon rise up and so they shall fall

As it was written before, amen, so it goes on

Don’t get caught up in no throne, don’t get caught up in no throne

Don’t get caught up in no throne

These devils out here lying, acting like the people ain’t dying

They silver and they gold, ain’t never saved a soul

Don’t get caught up in no throne, don’t get caught up in no throne

Don’t get caught up in no throne

Signs through the earth and through the heavens, lunar, solar eclipses

We seeking for forgiveness and safety for our children

Don’t get caught up in no throne, don’t get caught up in no throne

Don’t get caught up in no throne, Allah is in control

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