JR's "Wrinkles In The City" Project In Los Angeles

Look Up: JR Continues "The Wrinkles of the City" Project

French street artist, photographer, and winner of a prestigious $100,000 TED award in 2011, JR is currently hitting the streets (and buildings) of Los Angeles, pasting his massive photographs around downtown and other locales.

Continuing “The Wrinkles of the City” project that he began earlier last year, JR has carefully chosen locals, photographed them, then plastered their black and white portraits in various locations in the city, with several near 3rd Street and Alameda. (His work was a part of MOCA’s “Art In The Streets” exhibit last year as well.)

These photos of his newest pieces were taken by Lord Jim and JR, according to Juxtapoz.

In addition, the video below is a short film that features some of the stories behind the faces, behind the wrinkles of JR’s subjects.

He’s assembled an interesting cross-section of Angelenos who give thoughtful answers about aging, their various life experiences, and the impact that their physical appearance has had on others.

The short starts off with a voiceover narrator that perhaps gives us a hint as to why JR chose LA for this project in the first place, besides it being part of the LA Freewalls Project.

Just before the soundtrack breaks into a song by Lykke Li, the voice explains what makes LA special:

“It’s probably the hardest city to live in, but it’s also probably the hardest city to leave too.”


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