Watch The Throne: Santigold's New Album Cover

Watch The Throne: Santigold's New Album Cover

Four years can seem like forever in the music business. It’s been that long since Santi White, aka Santigold, dropped her solo debut, Santogold, and quickly became an indie sensation.

She’s ready to return this May 1 with her follow-up record, Master of My Make Believeso her and the folks at Downtown/Atlantic Records are rolling out the publicity campaign.

The album’s cover art features the artwork of Kehinde Wiley and Santigold in an array of get-ups—from b-girl equestrian to dead-eye Don to twin ride-or-die glamazons.

Wiley’s portrait of her marks a bit of a departure for him, according to the T Magazine blog, since he has only depicted African-American males up till now in his huge baroque-style paintings. She enlisted Alexander Wang to design the skimpy, strappy “Bond-girl gold” outfits and then taped down her lady parts and dressed up in Reservoir Dogs style men’s attire to see if she could pass for gully.

Photographer Jason Schmidt created the last image of a suited up Santi sitting on the throne while the sexy, gold Santi sidekicks stand at attention, all in front of the Wiley canvas.

The making of cover can be seen in this short video. It gives a pretty good indication of how loose the photo set was and how sincerely good-natured, goofy, and really hot Santi actually is.

But if you’re more concerned about what the album is going to sound like then watch and listen to two songs that have been released so far. Click here for the animated video for “Disparate Youth” and check out “Big Mouth” below.

Last week, Santi sat with the Pitchfork folks and she explained what took so long, how she found new inspiration, and how she claims “Big Mouth” is not a Lady Gaga dis record.

Here she describes the general theme of the new album:

Most of the songs are about being in control of your world. That was a really important message for me as an artist in this process, but also in the world right now. We’re in a weird place. There are so many riots and rebellions going on. It seems like a truth is coming out. Like, “Disparate Youth” is about the youth creating their own world and not having to take this broken shit that’s handed to them. I played my record for Jay-Z a while ago, and he was like, “It sounds like a revolution.” [laughs]




WATCH “Big Mouth”:

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