Color Outside the Lines new trailer

The Inkwell: 'Color Outside the Lines' new trailer

A few weeks ago, I posted a story on SF tattoo artist Grime. He had been featured in a series of video interviews with that were awesome because they really captured his creative process and his prickly personality.

And honestly, the mini-docs made me want to get a tattoo.

Here’s hoping that Color Outside the Lines—a promising documentary that, according to Shadow & Act “gives an honest voice to the history, struggles and triumphs of African-American tattoo artists”—has the same effect on me and a bunch of others interested in skin art.

Just before Christmas, I had read an interview the Loop21 did with the film’s artist/producer Miya Bailey and watched the Kickstarter video teaser of the film project.

I was intrigued but admittedly wished the video was more polished. It could have used some trimming, and that’s what Bailey and director Artemus Jenkins must have realized too.

They’ve released a shorter trailer and launched an official website for the film. Watch the trailer below.

In that Q&A with The Loop21, Bailey explained his movie-making motivation:

“I’ve been wanting to do this documentary, even before I opened up my tattoo shop City of Ink. But back then I didn’t have the resources or money at the time. So after putting some money to the side I had to decide if I wanted to open the shop or make the film. I felt like at the time it made more sense to open the shop first, get it to the point to where it could run itself and then do the film. I wanted to show people the history of Black tattoo culture. Documentaries capture history forever. Everybody can look up Don Ed Hardy and other, but you can’t hardly look up the pioneering African American tattoo artists. People are getting certain styled tattoos and don’t even know where they came from. So I just wanted to showcase these artists.”

Read more here.
WATCH Color Outside the Lines trailer:

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