2 Queens In a Cipher: TheeSatisfaction, SubPop label newbies

THEESatisfaction are Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White.

They’re from Seattle, which if you didn’t know, has an incredibly vibrant hip-hop scene with acts such as producer OC Notes, Metal Chocolates, and of course, Shabazz Palaces. (That’s Ish Butler’s (formerly of Digable Planets) latest group.)

The duo already has a sizable Bandcamp catalog but the song, “Enchantruss,” is from their forthcoming Sub Pop label debut. The album, AwE NaturalE, is set for a March 27 release.

“Enchantruss” sounds like it’s spelled—beguiling, spellbinding, inelegant, wonky and funky. (Plus Ish adds a butter verse too.) It’s experimental soul music akin to fellow out-there soul sistas Georgia Anne Muldrow or the Internet. But it’s Stas and Cat’s rhyming and harmonizing that adds another layer and sets them apart.

As just the second hip-hop group to ever sign with the iconic indie rock label, the ladies are following in the footsteps of  Shabazz Palaces, who they’ve collaborated with before, notably on Black Up, SP’s sleeper LP of dopeness.

With Ish’s co-sign, THEESatisfaction looks to be steadily bubbling. Plus, they’ve got Decoded author dream hampton on-board to direct their first video/short film for the song “QueenS.” (Shooting will happen at a secret location in NYC on March 6 and 7.)

Listen to “Enchantruss” below and read how they described the music they make to A.V. Club Philadelphia here:

AVC: Do you consider THEESatisfaction a hip-hop group, or is that category too limiting?

CHW: Absolutely. I mean, it is and it isn’t, you know what I’m saying? It’s just like your different seasons and emotions. Those are the reasons that we move in certain ways and the reasons we make certain kinds of music, so it all depends on the weather in Seattle; you know, the traffic. [Laughs.] Or whatever’s going on in life. That all changes the mood and the genre. But I think our music works both within hip-hop and outside of it.

Read the rest here.

LISTEN “Enchantruss”:

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