Lord of the Fly: Santigold in "Disparate Youth"

In the same week Santigold revealed the cover art to her new album, Master of My Make Believe, the Philly singer also drops new visuals for the track “Disparate Youth.”

The song, which in a recent Pitchfork interview she claimed Jay-Z said it “sounds like a revolution,” actually sounds less like a lit Molotov cocktail than so much steadily brewing cynicism.

In the video, Santigold motorbikes and speedboats to a remote island community where she soon becomes the inspirational leader of some body-painted youth perhaps mobilizing a revolt or a ramping up for worship.

In Game of Throne terms, she’s like Khaleesi, the dragon of her own tribe of ticked-off child soldiers.

She even flashes a ring that opens to reveal some hypnotic bling. It’s hard not to feel a bit seduced by it all.

She sings:

“Don’t look ahead there’s stormy weather/ another roadblack in our way/ but if we go, we go together…”

Are you ready for the ride?

Master of My Make Believe drops on May 1 on Downtown/Atlantic Records.


WATCH “Disparate Youth”:

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