LianneLaHavas- Lost & Found

Hi-Fidelity: Lianne La Havas' new "Lost & Found" video

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Lianne La Havas here at VeryArtistical.

She’s just released a great new B&W video for “Lost & Found,” which was directed by Colin Solal Cardo. The song is a raw, heartbreaking tale of redemption from a painful love.

Cardo’s use of shadow and light conveys just the right amount stark power the song requires. The guy has done videos for a pretty cool mix of folks including Saul Williams, Aloe Blacc, Anna Calvi as well as La Havas’ “No Room For Doubt” session she did in Paris for La Blogotheque.

She urges you to check out his blog, explaining:

“He’s a beautiful French man and I hope you will support his work to come in the future, as well as the brilliant stuff he’s done in the past. What a lovely day we had. One take, great friends and just massive LOVE.”

And if there are any one fancies hearing a solo version of “No Room For Doubt” and owning it for free, you can download a live version that I sang at St. Phillips Church in Salford last November.

Here’s the link:

Word is that her album is set for release later this summer.

But I can’t wait for next week when she performs live at NYC’s Mercury Lounge. March 20, Tuesday. It’s sold-out now though.

Who else is going?


WATCH “Lost & Found”:

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