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The Main Ingredient: Listen to Kendrick Lamar's new track "The Recipe" feat. Dr. Dre

Real Compton!

Kendrick Lamar connects with Dr. Dre on this tune from the young stunner’s forthcoming album, Good Kid in a Mad City.

This Scoop DeVille-produced track, “The Recipe,” was originally titled “Women, Weed and Weather” for obvious reasons. First, Kendrick repeats the three Ws on the song’s pre-hook.

Second, the dynamic duo trade horny, decadent verses of life in the West Coast rap lane over a rolling bass line and ass-kicking drum slaps that glisten like Cali sunshine.

Recalling vintage Dre hits from The Chronic heydays, “The Recipe” just sounds like it was expressly made to be blasted from a drop-top El Camino inching down Fairfax.

Mostly it reminds me of  “Addictive,” the chunky and funky 2002 seduction from Truth Hurts.

And who cares that Dre’s flow is remarkably patterned after his lyrical partner? I’m not Dre’s checking writing credits. Nor should you.

Check out Kendrick and Dre’s interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 before the track premiered.


And read what Lamar told MTV Rapfix about the collabo:

“As far as the music, we got a chemistry that’s unmatched to me. Alongside with the music, we just talk about stuff, just talk about life in general. I think that’s why we clash together so perfect, because he sees a good kid in a mad city the same way he grew up. So we can talk about certain situations that he never talked about. I think right there alone, it’s a blessing to me — for a personal relationship with him, not just the music.”

LISTEN to “The Recipe”:

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